Solution Design

We work with you to deploy production systems.

From visioning to scale, our team of experts is here to guide you through this digital transformation.

Your Transformation Journey

Transmute Visioning


Rolling up our sleeves with our customers to confirm the scope and agree on a plan of action.

Transmute Proof-of-Concept


During the proof-of-concept phase we execute on the plan and create a MVP to show how it adds value to daily operations.

Transmute Pilot


Our pilot integrates directly with your infrastructure to enhance the solution using real-world data in anticipation for production readiness.

Transmute Commercialization


We work with you to scale the solution throughout your entire network and ecosystem.

Transmute Difference

We are the experts
Transmute is a global leader in verifiable data technology standards at the W3C and DIF and are paving the way as authors and editors for Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials, and industry-specific semantics specifications (JSON-LD). We’re also the development team behind some of your favorite DID methods including Photon, Element, and foundational elements of ION.

We understand how to demystify supply chain tracking
We’re experts on supply chain data and pros at demonstrating how implementing VCs and DIDs can lead to tangible business impacts for your organization.

We have a record of success
Transmute has record of delivering success for key leaders in supply chain and technology commercialization including standards giants like GS1, regulators like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and early adopters like MIT.

Proven Results

GS1 and Transmute worked together to test the business and technical feasibility of combining GS1 standards with Verifiable Credentials for product-related claims. Our companies worked through a step-wise approach to move from broad theory to a targeted application of our combined technologies for new product introduction.

GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit organization that develops and maintains the most widely used global standards for efficient business communication. GS1 is best known for the barcode, named by the BBC as one of “the 50 things that made the world economy.”

To learn more about our partnership, the results, and how our solution design experience went, click here.