Our Platform

The Verifiable Data Platform is where Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers can be issued, managed and verified at scale to secure critical trade and supply chain data.

The Verifiable Data Platform is now available for limited beta testing.

We are looking for users with interest or experience in digitally securing a supply chain ecosystem using cryptographically verifiable data.

The Digital Supply Chain

Digital data will further connect products, customers, suppliers, and technology platforms throughout the entire supply chain network

Transmute’s Verifiable Data Platform enables end-to-end visibility, traceability, trust, and interoperability with other verifiable data platforms

The Verifiable Data Platform currently supports 30+ global trade documents, including a Commercial Invoice, Manifest, Bill of Lading, and many more!


No vendor lock-in, no bespoke solutions, no headaches.

Solve your business problems by leveraging our standards-based platform.

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