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Company overview

The future of digital trade is fast clearance, full compliance with Transmute open standard technology

Transmute’s Verifiable Data Platform transforms data from every stage of digitization and paper into secure, interoperable, machine readable, and context rich data.

Secure Digitization

Transmute VDP transforms data from every stage of digitization and paper into secure, interoperable, machine readable, and context rich data.


Transmute’s vision is to enable a more equitable future for all by deploying scalable solutions that empower enterprises across industries with authentic data and traceable insights.

Open Standards

Transmute authored the standards mandated by the US government for the future of digital supply chain.

Compliance Simplified

Transmute VDP was built with input from both regulators and vendors to meet the needs of complex regulatory supply chains like steel and ecommerce.

Who we are

We are not just a tech company. We are a TECH-FIRST company

Our global elite staff has expertise that spans technology and industry, powering Transmute’s commitment to being the best verifiable data management platform on the planet.

Global industry expertise

Leaders in emerging technology

Commitment to the planet

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Proven results
A new product introduction case study with GS1 - Encoding trust that travels with data

In 2021, Transmute and GS1 collaborated on how to create efficiencies in new product information. The result showed that by combining GS1 Digital Link, Decentralized Identifiers, and Verifiable Credentials, we can build a trusted data ecosystem around GS1 identifiers. This ecosystem enables brands, retailers, and consumers to discover data, assimilate it from multiple sources, and validate its authenticity. Most importantly, that trust can be passed on to customers and partners.

Homeland Security
Proven results
US Department of Homeland Security – Silicon Valley Innovation Program Interoperability Plugfest

In March 2021, Transmute joined other SVIP cohort members in an interoperability plugfest proving the use of DIDs, VCs, and Linked Data technologies are interoperable between software providers through a demo about the the exportation and importation of steel moving through various points of the supply chain.

Transmute Live Demo
Proven results
Transmute x UN/CEFACT Plenary

Transmute presented Solving International Trade Challenges with
Emerging Web Technologies at the UN Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) 28th Plenary Meeting in October 2022.

IATA OneRecord Hack-a-thon
Proven results
2021 IATA OneRecord Hack-a-thon

Transmute won the September 2021 International Air and Transport Association (IATA) OneRecord Hack-a-thon with Proteus, a secure supply chain data verification platform. As the Hack-a-thon winners, Transmute addressed the DCSA Challenge – Solving the digital identity challenge for container shipping.”

Raise the standard

Transmute leads the way in open source technology, providing trust, interoperability, and security to a modernized supply chain