Transmute Verifiable Data Platform (VDP)

Secure the exchange of your critical supply chain transactions in near real-time. VDP is built with the support of the US Government and uses digital identity open standards to simplify the supply chain credential management process for enterprise teams. Coming Soon!

Benefits Enabled by the Verifiable Data Platform

Data Quality

Data Quality

Shared credential definitions power automated review
at scale with
zero ambiguity



Authoritative digital signatures can always be traced back to the original signer 



Tamper-evident data, signatures, and time stamps prove legitimacy and build reputation


Only authorized parties
can access digital

Selective Disclosure


Credential holders can selectively share information as desired

Offline Verification


Credentials can be verified from paper or digital copies without internet access

Built For Your Business

Web Application

✔ Easy-to-use interface

✔ Issue and manage verifiable credentials quickly

✔ Support for common file formats like Excel

✔ Built on global open standards


✔ Enterprise scalability ready

✔ Extensive API documentation

✔ Easy to integrate into your tech stack

✔ Built on global open standards

Learn How It Works

The Verifiable Data Platform offers:

✔ In-app key management and creation

✔ One-click decentralized identifiers

✔ Easy-entry verifiable credentials

✔ Batch issuance of verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers

Technology Pillars

Verifiable Credentials

Signed, sealed, secure. Verifiable credentials are an open data standard that ensures you can rely on your critical trade information. Read more about the Verifiable Credential standard here.

Linked Data

Give your data context and meaning to make better business decisions, faster. We support verifiable credentials built on robust linked data.

Linked Data

Decentralized Identifiers

You’re in the driver’s seat of your organization’s digital identity. We make using the right DID method for the job easy. Choose from methods like did:key, did:web, did:photon, and did:elem. Read more about the Decentralized Identifier standard here.