Secure your critical supply chain data

Transmute Verifiable Data Platform (VDP) uses digital identity open standards to simplify your regulatory and business credentialing process.

Product features

Easily verify and exchange critical trade data.

The free version of Transmute VDP gives you access to:

Issue your first VC within minutes of creating an account.

Choose between issuing a single credential via webform or uploading multiple credentials from a spreadsheet.

Take advantage of our Template Marketplace of critical trade credentials, all searchable and tagged by industry and type.

Transmute VDP supports the management of DID:key and DID:web.

Easy to use documentation allows developers to maximize Transmute API’s full capabilities.

The A-Z of Transmute VDP, including directions with screenshots and technical documentation.

Do more with your data, including business insight visualization with our growing list of adapters.

Raise the standard for supply chain data with Transmute VDP

The why behind our product


Number of critical trade credential templates on VDP, including the Bill of Lading and Mill Test Report


Average yearly savings secure digitization provides a global trade company


Potential cost savings from improving the efficiency of cross-border processes like compliance & security

Video product demos

Transmute VDP solves unique challenges for the steel trade industry in this demo prepared with
US Customs & Border Protection

Product + Vision

Transmute VDP is built on the core principles of Authenticity and Traceability to create unlimited value for your enterprise.

Transmute enables a more equitable future for all


Transmute levels the digitization playing field, deploying scalable solutions to meet partners at varying stages of digitalization across any ecosystem where they are.


Transmute unequivocally believes authentic data and traceable insights are essential to sustainability and human rights in business.


Transmute is committed to the greater open source technology community, enabling us to build cost effective solutions that challenge the status quo.


Using Transmute as a data vault provides instant trust across your ecosystem. Knowledge graphs provide deep enterprise insights to empower decision making in near real-time.

Use Cases
Transmute VDP acts as a vault ensuring counterfeit-resistant data

US Customs & Border Protection has supported the creation of Transmute VDP and has presented Transmute VDP as solving key supply chain issues such as how limited supply chain visibility & fragmented data submissions interfere with goods entering the country efficiently.

Transmute VDP enhances supply chain companies by:

• Providing traceability of a good’s verified country of origin and transshipment path, including for raw materials such as steel or cotton
• Ensuring authenticity of identity in trade records for benefits in both business and compliance
• Securely digitizing global trade certificates to streamline import and improve velocity

Transmute VDP offers tamper-evident digitization and vendor verification to:

• Create an environment of traceability to vet ethics & sustainability practices surrounding materials and trade partners
• Reveal actionable near real-time business insights to improve agility for your supply chain enterprise

See Transmute VDP in action

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