Built in the open.

We believe in software based on open standards. This translates into a platform built on robust interoperability, portability, and longevity.

Technology Pillars

Verifiable Credentials

Signed, sealed, secure. Verifiable credentials are an open data standard that ensures you can rely on your critical trade information. Read more about the Verifiable Credential standard here.

Linked Data

Give your data context and meaning to make better business decisions, faster. We support verifiable credentials built on robust linked data.

Linked Data

Decentralized Identifiers

You’re in the driver’s seat of your organization’s digital identity. We make using the right DID method for the job easy. Choose from methods like did:key, did:web, did:photon, and did:elem. Read more about the Decentralized Identifier standard here.

Benefits of the Technology



Enables seamless interactions amongst different software platforms/vendors without high integration costs.

Avoid Vendor Lock In

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Allows for high quality and dynamic solutions where customers can easily switch between software vendors.

Minimal IT Investment

Minimal IT Investment

Code maintained by a public community means better software with reduced costs to implement.

Implementation Options

Implementation Options

Companies retain the choice to build, buy or a blend of both approaches as they explore using emerging technologies.

Decentralized Identifier Methods


DID Element is the implementation of the Sidetree Protocol on top of Ethereum and IPFS


Sidetree is a protocol for creating scalable decentralized public key infrastructure (DPKI) networks that can run atop of any existing decentralized ledger system and be as open, public, and permission-less as the underlying ledger they utilize

Sponsor Transmute

Transmute is committed to accelerating the adoption of decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs) to enable secure, dynamic data exchanges in trade and beyond. We charge ourselves and the greater digital identity community to focus on building evolved solutions that challenge the status quo to find superior economic models and reliable data security practices, resulting in a better future for everyone.

Ensuring such solutions are accessible and affordable to the widest possible audience means building in the open and contributing to open standards definition. Working with an ecosystem of technical and business experts to achieve this while maintaining quality code and developer tools is a tremendous investment, and every sponsorship dollar helps. Thanks for supporting the future of digital identity and trade!

Open-Source Community Leadership

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web.
DIF is an engineering-driven organization focused on developing the foundational elements necessary to establish an open ecosystem for decentralized identity and ensure interop between all participants.