Success Stories

Transmute makes verifiable data technologies easy to understand and use.

Transmute has a track record of success, engaging with global organizations to solve real-world uses cases.

Proven Results

GS1 Case Study

Encoding Trust that Travels with Data — A New Product Introduction Case Study

This case study describes supply chain innovation work completed by GS1 and Transmute in 2021.

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Sidetree Protocol Implementation

Implementation of Sidetree Protocol

We helped build Sidetree, a protocol for efficiently and cheaply creating and modifying Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) at scale.

Our implementation, did:elem, runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain and enables DID management at a much cheaper cost than similar Ethereum-based anchoring systems.

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DHS SVIP Plugfest


US Department of Homeland Security – Silicon Valley Innovation Program

In March 2021, Transmute joined other SVIP cohort members in an interoperability showcase addressing topics from supply chain traceability to digital assets for people.

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Interoperability Showcase

Interoperability Showcase

Transmute performed an interoperability demo with other DHS SVIP cohort members, Mavennet and Credivera, to prove the use of DIDs, VCs, and Linked Data technologies are interoperable between software providers.

The demo shows the exportation and importation of steel moving through various points of the supply chain. To watch the demo, click here.

IATA Hack-a-thon

2021 IATA OneRecord Hack-a-thon

Transmute won IATA’s OneRecord Hack-a-thon from September 10-12, 2021. The following challenge was addressed: “DCSA Challenge – Solving the digital identity challenge for container shipping.”

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Live demo presented by Transmute at the 37th UN/CEFACT Forum, Oct 2021

Transmute presented a demo of Verifiable Credential issuance, presentation and verification at the UN/CEFACT Forum on October 21, 2021.

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Use Cases

Counterfeit-Resistant Data

The US Department of Homeland Security is using Transmute to digitize and secure import documentations for raw materials, like steel. Ironclad proof of material makeup and provenance ensures national infrastructure security and accurate duties enforcement.

Dynamic Supply Chain

Supply chain agility is critical to compete in today’s on-demand world. Transmute offers tamper-evident digital documentation and vendor verification tools for just-in-time business and audit, ensuring companies can choose trusted vendors in seconds.

Sustainable Sourcing

Consumers increasingly demand products that are environmentally friendly. Transmute helps brands meet this demand by with verifiable product documents that prove product sustainability.

Ethical Practices

Who is involved in the lifecycle of goods from creation to consumption? Premium products benefit from highlighting their ethical labor and trade practices through trusted digital records and third party audits.